Termini In Education


Founder and former Director of the Digital Media Arts Program (DMX) in New York City.

In 2002 I created the program and designed the facilities for Digital Media Arts (DMXT) audio and media school on 23rd Street in New York City.  The school featured four ProTools HD 2 Control Rooms, set up in 5.1, a hard wood live room, two music and media computer lab rooms featuring all Apple Macintosh Computers and ProTools on every desk and the obligatory classrooms for lecture. I am the author of this program’s 10 courses which leads to 30  College credits and a certificate in Media Arts. The program was Middle States Certified upon opening it’s doors circa 2002.. I was the program’s Director for six years.

During the 1990’s I became the Chairman of Digital Audio and Midi at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City.  I was also the co-author along with the late Tom Templeton, of IAR’s 900 hour program. I designed IAR’s Mac Computer Network and Midi and Digital Audio Labs bringing ProTools and Digital Performer to IAR for the first time.  I left IAR late 2001. I also taught Physics of Acoustics, Digital and Analog Audio Recording and Theory, MIDI and more.

Before IAR, I taught classes and designed rooms and curricula at the Center for Media Arts in New York City. (CMA)

I designed and authored that schools entire advanced recording program as well as several other courses in the basic programs course structure.

I designed the first MIDI and Digital Audio Labs for CMA in the 1980’s as well as the Digital Recording Suite and MIDI and Digital Audio Specialty Lecture and Demonstration Suite.  These rooms were wired up by Jerome Fox and myself. 

I began teaching at CMA circa 1986 and left CMA for IAR circa 1993.

I guess my biggest ‘thing’ in education has been coming up with new and interesting pedagogy for audio, music, music technology and media in general.  I love working on learning facilities and bridging the islands of art and technology.